Bayer Brand Poly Carbonate Panel- Material's Specification

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Sunlight PC Panel

Raw Material
Makrolon® Polycarbonate resin produced by Bayer AG.

Roof glazing, canopies and interior decoration for industrial, civil & public buildings (eg. railway and metro station roofing).

Stadiums, gymnasium, clubs and recreations centers (eg roofing for sunroom, swimming pool and conservatory).

Commercial greenhouses, & aquafarm canopies.

Light box, sign, POP advertisement boards.

Key Production Technology

New Coextrusion Technology
Based on the new technology developed by bayer, the distributions of the UV-layer thickness is homogenous and compatible bound as an intergral part of the PC panel. Coextruded sunlight PC panel provides advantageous weathering protection over coated panels as offered by some companies.

Melt Distribution Technolgy
Specially designed melt pump & adapter are core of the coextrusion system to ensure high quality products.

Fully Automatic Remote Control Technology
The production line is fully automatic (Computer Aided Manufacturing) with precise control of processing parameters such as feeding speed, temperatures, pressures, output rate etc.. Various instruments are used for process and quality control. This line can remote-controlled via computer network and represent one of the most advanced co-extrusion machinery in the plastic industry. 

Coefficient of thermal conductivity K-Value
Material K Value(U Value) W/m².C
6mm Glass 5.8
4mm PMMA panel 5.3
1.2mm GR 30-UP Corrugated Panel 6.4
4.5mm Solid PC panel 5.1
6mm Twin-wall PC panel 3.5
10mm Twin-wall PC panel 3.0
16mm Twin-wall PC panel 2.7
6mm Tri-wall PC panel 2.4
Wide Application Range with Good Weather Ability
PC panel can maintained excellent properties in a wide temperatures range -40°C to 120°C. Its brittleness temperature is -110°C and its soften temperature is 150°C.

Flame Resistance
During burning, PC panel will neither generate toxic gas such as cyanide, acrylaidehyde, sulphur dioxide and so on, nor corrosive substances.

Easy Installation
PC panel can be successfully bent along the channel direction in normal atmospheric temperature. The minium radius of the curvature of the twin wall PC panel is 175 times of its thickness.


Good Impact Strength
Gardner Impact Test Comparision
Panel kg/m J
4mm Glass 0.2 2
6mm Saved Glass 1 10
4mm PMMA panel 1.2 12
6m Twin-wall PC Panel 16 160
4mm Solid PC panel 40 400

Typical Mechanical Properties

Properties Units Value Standard
Elastic modulus 1mm/min MPa 2400 ISO 527
Tensile stress at yield 50mm/min MPa 63 ISO 527
Tensile strain at yield 50mm/min % 6 ISO 527
Nominal tensile strain at break 50mm/min % 50 ISO 527
Charpy Impact strength at 23°C kJ/m² NB ISO 179/1eU
Charpy Impact strength at -30°C kJ/m² NB ISO 179/1eU
IZOD Impact strength kJ/m² 80 ISO 180/4A
Notched IZOD impact strength kJ/m² 20 ISO 180/4A

Thermal Properties
Coeffient of linear expansion of PC panel: 7.0 x 10¯5 m/m C. In the case of the same thickness, PC panel can save more energy than glass.

High Transparency (Thickness)
Color 6mm 8mm 10mm 16mm
Clear 81% 80% 79% 79%
Brown 51% 45% 41% 35%

Light Weight
The density of Makrolon® resin is 1.2g/cm³.
The weight of hollow PC panel is only about one fifteen of glass at the same thickness.




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